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Vidya Game News – March 3, 2016


– How did 12-year NHL vet Ryan Kesler get involved in hockey? Why, NHL 94, of course!

– Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek has a long article on several different Nintendo hackers.

– FOX Sports had a segment with NASCAR drivers playing Mario Kart 64. It’s on YouTube here.

– From UK site Wow 24/7, Jordan Sims has a list of the horrible attempts by McDonald’s to create video games.

– Whoops! It turns out the Coleco Chameleon system might have been a hoax. Engadget’s Kris Naudus has a good summary on the Internet sleuthing done.

– A fun article from Dan Taipua at The Spinoff on the essentials for an NES collection. Included is the Power Glove, because “it looks f****** amazing.” I can’t disagree with that. Speaking of the Power Glove, Sony has filed a patent for a new glove-based controller, per Uproxx.


– Yet again, not much of significance came out, since March tends to be another slow month for games. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance came out in 2003, but it was simply an expanded version of the original sequel. Helldivers got rave reviews, but it only came out in 2015.

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Episode 035 – 2015 Awards – Part 1 (2015)

Episode 035 – 2015 Awards – Part 1 (2015)

Episode 035 – 2015 Awards – Part 1

This week in Your Parents Basement, it’s a celebration! With special guests Backsack and Beeney, we’re talking about the games we enjoyed the most in 2015, like Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Disney Infinity! Plus, the YPB boys share some clips from the Vault that were cut out of previous shows.

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which is the regal opening theme from Johnny Carson’s talk show. Backsack is with the boys from the start!
  • 13:45 – Beeney joins in to talk about her favorite game of 2015, selected from two possible options!
  • 21:00 – Cave Johnson and GLaDOS from Portal 2 help us kick the ass of some technical difficult lemons, as we segue into some of our clips from the Vault. It’s a celebration!
  • 47:45 – A snifferoo from one of the lesser Douglas Adams works.


– All of the games mentioned on the show are current and not especially pricey. So if they sound interesting, be sure to help us out via Amazon!


We finish up with our favorite games we played in 2015, some of our least favorite games, and of course, we read some emails!