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Episode 147 – Golden Axe (1989)

Episode 147 – Golden Axe (1989)

Episode 147 – Golden Axe (1989)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are using our swords and axes to ‘boop’ elves and enemies! From 1989, we’re playing Golden Axe by Sega for the Arcade and Genesis.

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which is the audio from a commercial for the game. There is a longer, more confusing UK commercial here, though.
  • 27:00 – Todd has some reasons why Golden Axe is… The Most Best Game of All-Time.
  • 34:00 – Emails! Huzzah!
  • 42:00 – A quick New News segment this week. This just in: The new Secret of Mana sucks!
  • 47:00 – As always, we help some people before signing off with… Ask the Sweet Boys.
  • 52:00 – Snifferoo. Oddly, we’re playing as scientists next week! Scientists with swords. Confusingly.


– According to Price Charting, Golden Axe is pretty affordable. The base game and sequel are about $12 to $15, and they can also be found on most Sega re-release carts and online stores. The awful Beast Rider game goes for $5 to $7.

Vidya Game News – February 18, 2016

Streets of Rage 2 - Genesis– Nintendo is finally bringing some classic games to the 3DS in North America, per Destructoid and other sites.

– From Gamespot, a dream of a producer from The Lego Movie would be a similar project with Nintendo characters. Unfortunately, no such project is in development… yet.

– A Chrono Trigger tribute album is now available.

– This week on Steam, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage 2 are free for download! More games are also supposed to be unlocking. For some details, check out this piece on Fortune.

– Next week, the neat Gameological column on the A.V. Club is devoting itself to The Legend of Zelda. However, it has started out this week, so be sure to check out the link!

– From The Sun Sentinel, a southern Florida museum now has an exhibit on video games. Exhibits include Piftall!, Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros.

– Although it’s been mislabeled on a bunch of websites, Hat-Loving Gamer has made an animation of what Super Mario Kart would look like with 101 racers. Check it out on his Facebook page.


– Historically, it’s a weak day for game releases. In 2009, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II came out for the PC, which might be of interest to one of the SBBs of YPB. (Huell.)

Dark Chronicle, better known as Dark Cloud 2, came out for the Playstation in 2003. It was very well-received and a cult classic for years, and it’s now out for the PS4.

– Coming out in the same year was Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, which got a so-so reception. As a result, the series pretty much went dormant. Per Wikipedia, the sixth installment is coming out next week in Japan for PCs and cell phones, with no news of a translation.

Video game history information comes from GameFAQs and Moby Games. And as always, if you’d like to support the show, do so via our Amazon link.