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Vidya Game News – August 26, 2016

Super Mario Sunshine - GC - Box Art– Celebrating its birthday this week? The Super Nintendo! Aaron Couch from The Hollywood Reporter has a good piece here, which features some good stuff from Blake J. Harris, the author of Console Wars. Over at SB Nation, Marc Normandin and others write about their four favorite sports games for the system.

– Cool graphics from Video Game Densetsu, as they collected some old Sega pixel-making.

– The new Toejam & Earl game, Back in the Groove has picked up an appropriate publisher: Adult Swim! Read more from Michael McWhertor on Polygon. Our episode on the game is here!

– Boing Boing and a bunch of other sites had a link to a hamster finishing a Super Mario Bros. level.

– From a couple different sites, an Epic Donald game was considered at various points.

Obduction, a spiritual successor to Myst, has gotten a good review from PC World and from Polygon. And hey, check out our episode on Myst here!

– Nintendo has acquired JESNET, a console distribution company in Japan, for $46.5 million. It’s seen as a sign of the big N ramping up console production for the NX.

– On Cinemassacre this week! Mike and Bootsy play Where’s Waldo, a notoriously crappy game. And, Mike and James have a showdown, the U-Force vs. the Power Glove.


– Today was a good day for games. First, Ecco: The Tides of Time came out for the Genesis. It was the sequel to the first game, and the hottest dolphin game of 1994.

– A little game called Goldeneye came out in 1997! We covered that awesome, FPS from Rare on a past episode here.

Super Mario Sunshine came out for the Gamecube on Aug. 26, 2002. It’s 14 years old! God, it feels like it came out yesterday.

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Episode 040 – Toejam & Earl (1991)

Episode 040 – Toejam & Earl (1991)

Episode 040 – Toejam & Earl (1991)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we’re just tryin’ to help some aliens avoid pesky humans as they fix their spaceship! From 1991, we’re playing Toejam & Earl by Johnson Voorsanger Productions, and published by Sega for the Genesis.

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which is one of the slammin’ tracks in the game.
  • 44:00 – It’s the triumphant return of the ToddBitSkit!
  • 45:45 – Emails! What games are the guys looking forward to in 2016?
  • 58:15 – Next week’s game is hella popular.


– According to Price Charting, Toejam & Earl has retained its value well, similar to the Mario games. The loose cart price is $27.50, and new copies go for $150. The sequel and Xbox games are more manageable, around $10 to $20 for the loose media, to $54 for new copies. However, if you’re fine not having a physical copy, it’s available on Steam and other digital stores for $4.99.

– For info on the new game, check out the Kickstarter page or the (poorly updated) website.