About Your Parents Basement

Main Logo - V2 - 1400Your Parents Basement is the podcast and blog that focuses on the classic video games of your youth! No matter your system and genre of choice, we’ve got you covered.

The show was started in May 2015 by three cool dudes – Steve, Todd and Huell – with the first episode covering Super Mario Bros. You can subscribe to the show via the iTunes store, where you can also rate it (and hopefully give us five stars!).

Steve, a Rhode Island resident, enjoys RPG, sports and adventure games, in roughly that order. When he’s not playing video games – which is actually most of the time now that he’s a grown-up – he works as a reporter and plays basketball. Like, outside, in the fresh air, where the Sun is and where trees grow.

Todd is a native Texan that resides somewhere just outside Austin. His favorite genres of his youth are RPGs and adventure games. Since becoming an adult he’s moved on to becoming part of the PC Master Race and still plays RPGs and adventure games, but has now included games of strategery. Other than playing vidya games, Todd is a huge board game nerd and works as a software developer. Oh yeah, and helps raise a family of young kids or something.

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