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Vidya Game News – August 12, 2016

F-Zero - Box Art - 01Today’s roundup is a day late because Steve has a case of OLYMPIC FEVER. It’s unclear if he contracted it from the waters of Rio, or some other way. Without further ado though, the links!

– Anddddd it’s gone. Nintendo Power has been removed from the Internet Archive, per Polygon.

– Band of Savers has a very important article posted: “10 Things Duck Tales Taught Me About Money.” And, check out our old episode on the vidya game!

– Nintendo Everything has a translation of an interview a Nintendo official did about the NES Classic Edition. Apparently, the save states are going to be more integrated and extensive than originally thought, and there will be several new visual modes for the games.

– Fun times, as Entertainment.ie has a screenshot quiz on SNES games.

– From Mike Diver at VICE, a Top Ten list of Sonic games.

– The AV Club has an insanely long roundtable on the camera in Super Mario 64.

– Unsurprisingly, a fan remake of Metroid 2 was quickly taken down, according to Twinfinite.

– Kotaku has a look inside Smash Hell, the server where Nintendo banishes spammers and others.

Shack’s Arcade Corner on Amazon looks at Black Tiger, a past YPB game! [WARNING – The first is a video link!]


– Hint for next week’s show: August 13 marked the 25-year anniversary for a slew of SNES launch games, namely, F-Zero, Pilotwings and Super Mario World. And hey, the SNES itself came out! Good times, good times.

System Shock 2, one of the biggest cult classics ever on the PC, came out on August 11, 1999. It was designed by Ken Levine, and developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios, but a sequel has been caught in rights snafus for years.

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Episode 051 – Super Metroid (1994)

Episode 051 – Super Metroid (1994)

Episode 051 – Super Metroid (1994)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are freezing metroids with our ice beam and blasting them away with missiles! From 1994, we’re playing Super Metroid by Nintendo’s Research & Development 1 division for the SNES. Friend of the show Backsack is subbing in for Todd Brisket, who unfortunately was tethered to his workstation.

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which features the spooky, minimalist title theme from the series. Also, we’re joined by Backsack this week, as Todd Brisket couldn’t get away from work.
  • 23:30 – Some swearing! Fun times!
  • 32:45 – “Hey Pete, you get any Metroid copies in?”
  • 33:00 – The sweet baby boys talk about VHS tapes like Young Indiana Jones and Dr. Giggles, which leads Backsack to talk about his time managing a Petco and Holly Marie Combs.
  • 53:15 – Emails! Brisket’s box is empty, Scooterbutt has a run-in with the Konami phone line, the boys talk about series they’d like to see return, apartheid, and our favorite spots to play in vidya game form.
  • 1:12:00 – Snifferoo. Next week, we’re swinging through the air as a great superhero on a horrible system!


– According to Price Charting, Super Metroid has held its value up well, as even the loose cart goes for $49. The box and manual shoots the price up to $134, and “new” copies go for $425, as discussed on the show. If you have a Wii, it’s available for digital download for about $7.99.

– Huell mistakenly played the JUSTIN BAILEY hack of Super Metroid for this week’s show. You can check it out on YouTube here.

Super Metroid tends to be really popular for speedrunners and mod makers, because the gameplay is so good, and sequence breaking is easy because of Samus’ default abilities. For example, you can beat the bosses in reverse order, or the entire game in 22 minutes. Like the original, doing so grants you a look at Samus in various states of clothing. Or, you can just look at all of Samus’ suits here!