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Episode 030 – Mega Man 2 (1989)

Episode 030 – Mega Man 2 (1989)

Episode 030 – Mega Man 2 (1989)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are using our mega busters and mostly the metal blade to defeat evil robot masters! From 1989, we are playing Capcom’s Mega Man 2. We are also joined by special guest, friend of the show and one-time letter writer, Hawk Man 5000, a.k.a. Dave! He’s a master of the series, apparently being one of the five people left that owns a cartridge version.

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which is the buildup and classic crescendo of the Mega Man 2 main theme.
  • 55:15 – Emails. The boys talk about their favorite games from 30 years ago, dinosaur-based games and the lack of emails in Todd’s box.
  • 1:09:30 – Todd gets something off his chest.
  • 1:13:45 – Snifferoo. Between this and the Mega Man 2 theme, we are sorry that 8-bit theme songs will haunt your dreams.


– According to Price Charting, pretty much all of the NES Mega Man games are now worth some decent money, whether you have the box or not. Thanks to their popularity and scarcity, loose cart prices range from $20 for the third up to $96 for the fifth. Boxed prices range from $180 to $1,800. Even the press kit for the ninth installment, which is a sort of faux-NES game for modern systems, is $275 to $300.

– We picked Mega Man 2 because it is a bit more modern and easier than the first game, but really, any game of the main series or the X-series is worth playing. There are various collections and games available for purchase on pretty much every system and online stores.

– The good Den of Geek story on the fall of Capcom and Mega Man is by Ryan Lambie, and you can read it here. Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor by series creator Keiji Inafune, is due out February 2016.

Vidya Game News – August 27, 2015

I never actually saw a store that sold this by itself...

I never actually saw a store that sold this by itself…

School is unfortunately back in session in many states, but hey, that doesn’t mean everyone has to leave the comfort of their parents’ basement! Keep cool and read some of this here news:

– Out this week is the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which has gotten a rave review from IGN and other sites. It’s a collection of various Mega Man games, faithfully emulated and with new features, for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

– From Fortune and tons of other sites, Shigeru Miyamoto says Nintendo is open to making more movies with its IP. It’s not like they could do any worse than Super Mario Bros

– In other Nintendo news, they’ve put release dates on a bunch of their 2015 games, including Star Fox Zero, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Xenoblade Chronicles, according to Gamespot.

– Garrett Martin of Paste has a full ranking of the 18 games that use the NES Zapper.

– Konami has a ton of great franchises, but oddly, most of them have gone dormant. Ryan Lambie from Den of Geek looks at 14 of them here.


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness came out for the Playstation 2 in 2003. The games were unique because they featured tongue-in-cheek humor, references that constantly broke the fourth wall – like recurring boss named Midboss – and ridiculous training, like being able to get your characters to level 9999 and stats in the millions. The series has now spanned to nine games, with the 10th (Disgaea 5) scheduled for release on Oct. 6 in North America on the Playstation 4.

– Also in 2003, SoulCalibur II was released for Playstation 2 and Gamecube.

– In 1992, Super Mario Kart came out, and in 1994, EarthBound came out… In Japan.

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