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Episode 085 – Rogue Squadron (1998)

Episode 085 – Rogue Squadron (1998)

Episode 085 – Rogue Squadron (1998)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are zipping through the galaxy a long, long time ago, blasting down ships! From 1998, we’re playing Rogue Squadron by Factor 5 and LucasArts for the Nintendo 64 and PC.

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which has the John Williams-esque opening theme from Rogue Squadron.
  • 28:15 – We move right along and then past Comments, Concerns and Questions!
  • 29:15 – Emails! Why don’t we like them Sega games? And it’s Jimmy Blizzards!
  • 48:30 – It’s everyone’s favorite segment, even more than the actual show most times! It’s time to… Ask the Sweet Boys.
  • 53:30 – Snifferoo. Ho ho ho! We cover one of the best Christmas games ever! (NOTE: Strong language!)


– According to Price Charting, Rogue Squadron is pretty affordable. It’s about $7 for the loose cart, or $14 if you want the box and manual as well. It hasn’t been re-released in another format, so that N64 cart is your best bet if you can’t find the PC version nowadays.

– By the way, a little movie called Rogue One is coming out soon. That’s kind of why we played this one.

Vidya Game News – December 3, 2015

Shadows of the Empire - Box Art - 01“Get over here!” – Scorpion. And, uh… read these news stories.

– On our Shaq Fu episode, we talked about how development on the crowdfunded sequel was oddly quiet. Well, according to IGN and other sites, piggybacking on Shaq’s twitter, a release date might be announced today. (And to check out our episode, which was one of our favorites, go here!)

– Know a hipster who loves old SNES RPGs? Then the perfect gift for him might be a Mother 2 (Earthbound) soundtrack on vinyl, as first publicized by Carlos Cadorniga of the Anime News Network.

– What’s the Angry Video Game Nerd up to this Christmas season? Why, examining bad cover art, of course! And it’s probably not a surprise that the second game he features is Mega Man

– A fancy Super Mario Bros. watch can be yours for just $18,000! Good times, good times.

– Grey Carter of The Escapist has a modern review of Myst, and he’s not all that impressed in the game except as a fossil.

– T3 Online has a really awesome and exhaustive piece on the Dreamcast, and they even open up the system and look at its guts!


– On TV Tropes, there is a concept known as Early Installment Weirdness. This definitely applies to Duke Nukem II, as most people don’t remember it started as a platform game in 1993. Apogee was an awesome developer of platform games back then, though. Since then, they’ve changed names to 3D Realms and done way more FPS stuff.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire came out 19 years ago, in 1996, for the Nintendo 64 by LucasArts. While the interface is clunky at times, it features a cool-named character (Dash Rendar!) and serves as a neat side story between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

– Yesterday, 14 years ago, Pikmin came out for the GameCube. It’s kind of a cult classic for Nintendo, in that it “only” sold about 1.1 million copies back in the day. It has spawned two sequels, but it remains a minor series for the Big N.

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