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Vidya Game News – May 12, 2016

Super Maro RPG - Box Art - SNES– A copy of Stadium Events that a guy got at a yard sale for $2 just turned into a $7,500 sale for him. This site has the story. (Warning! Autoplaying video.)

– Someone has hacked an NES with a custom modem to read Twitter. Read about it on Motherboard!

– From Reddit, and copied to a bunch of other sites, a user has developed a Virtual Boy emulator for Google Cardboard.


Super Mario RPG, a collaboration between Square and Nintendo, came out May 13, 1996. It turns 20 on Friday! Holy hell!

– The Saturn was released on May 11, 1995. With its release came console versions of Clockwork Knight, Daytona USA, Panzer Dragoon and Virtua Fighter. For a good, long retrospective, check out this piece by Jeremy Parish on US Gamer.

– Six years ago on May 11, 3D Dot Game Heroes by Silicon Studio came out for the PS3. If you’re a fan of Zelda-like games, it’s pretty good, and available in plenty of bargain bins!

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Episode 045 – Duck Hunt (1985) and World Class Track Meet (1988)

Episode 045 – Duck Hunt (1985) and World Class Track Meet (1988)

Episode 045 – Duck Hunt (1985) and World Class Track Meet (1988)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are focusing on two pack-in games for the ole NES! From 1985, we’re playing Duck Hunt with the NES Zapper, and from 1988, we’re playing World Class Track Meet, both developed in part by Nintendo.

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  • 0:00 – Intro, which features the title theme from World Class Track Meet.
  • 39:00 – Emails! A special friend wants to guest on the show, and the return of a length emailer.
  • 1:06:45 – Snifferoo. Next week, we’re playing a fun, esoteric game that makes Jurassic Park look cheap. (Well, not really. But it’s a fun game with a great soundtrack!)


– According to Price Charting, loose carts of Duck Hunt are super cheap, and only cost $3.35. The same thing goes for the combo packs with Super Mario Bros. and World Class Track Meet. However, the Duck Hunt box adds another $100 on to the price, because it’s so rare. (I can’t remember ever seeing JUST Duck Hunt for sale in a store…) World Class Track Meet seemingly didn’t have a proper release, and it’s not really for sale on eBay as a result.

Stadium Events, the game that World Class Track Meet was repurposed from, goes for an insane amount of money now. GameSpot has a good article on the latest $35,100 auction here.

– From YouTube, modern day teenagers try to play Duck Hunt. Hilarity ensues!