Episode ∞ – Episode ∞ (???)

Episode -1 - Episode 0 (???)

Episode -1 – Episode 0 (???)

Episode ∞! This week we week our week, and then we week our week in the HOTTEST IP out there from JALECO and The Guardian Legend! Join us as we moonwalk and then get on fire for a STAR VEHICLE for Atari’s Lynx. From the hellscape that is 2020 we play A ROGUE AI.

You can listen here! You can listen here! You can listen here! You can listen… HEAR.

2 responses

  1. I was pleasantly surpised when I saw a new episode podcast pop on my feed. It fits the current time perfectly! Hope you guys are doing well. Your lighthearted yet highly philosophical podcast is now needed more than ever! Pandamics are best enjoyed with the Duck Tales scale and manual reviews….


  2. what the hell? i’m not sure if that was an episode, or if I wandered into the firefly funhouse match. I’m so confused. Bring back the sweet boys!!


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